Just Dushawn

Dushawn is Based in New York, originally from Serbia but working and shooting worldwide. He has been perfecting the craft of his signature filmic/candid/cinematic style that many brands and individuals recognized as valuable in creating an online image for them.

He started as a videographer in 2017, where he created short story videos and larger scale projects for; public schools, fitness gyms, dentist offices, entrepreneurs, and many other different types of professions. Years later, Videography led to him finding his true passion of photography. The two crafts go hand in hand, thus he is now creating both videos and photos for clients.

Dushawn’s unique color grading style is described as candid and lifestyle cinematic vibe with a hint of subtle sexiness.

His expertise consists of outdoor street style shoots, beach and studio shoots as well as any type of products in lifestyle setting.

Through his eyes he captures the essences of someone personality in unique portraits and fashion shoots.

His experience with diverse exposure to different brands allows him to be open minded and creative, especially when it comes to helping start up companies.

He loves creating along side with the brand to help develop the color palette for their products, social media presence and overall branding for the company. In 2019, his signature style was highly recognized for helping brands marketing their companies. He has worked for brands such as Nike, UltimateEars, Mpow, Jarritos, Topochico and many more.

He loves experimenting with new styles and always challenge himself with new projects.